Monday, January 16, 2006

Australian comics round up

I haven't done this for awhile but what's going on in Australian Comics-
deevee 1-5 reviewed at Comics Reporter
Micheal Luenig on cartoons and Israel
Ledgers Awards Nominations closed
Shane McCarthy's first issue of Victims is out and can be found in issue 815 of Detective Comics. (The art is awesomely gorgeous and by one of my favourites Cliff Chiang.)
David Yardin does weddings, parties, anything
If you want to pay less money for a table or booth at Brisbane Supanova then contact the organisers now.
And speaking of Supanova it looks like Gary Chaloner will be a guest.


The Truth Fairy said...

Jesus dude, if you're talking comics, what about TRUTHY? A four parter, written by the Truth Fairy and illustrated by Ack an Estonian illegal immigrant, cum Australian citizen (AKA Aussie Ack). Check it bitch *mwa*


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Mark. Always nice to see an 8 year old rubbishing back in the news ;-)


Mark Selan said...

i wouldn't say this blog had anything to do with 'news' because that would mean i'd have to factual.

but yeah - i was so excited that i found an austalian comic reviewed, that i just used it. it wasn't a total rubbishing and the Deevee of today is 10 times better than those early issues.

but i'll find a good review to make up for it

Mark Selan said...

oh and truth fairy - is that comic really yours, because its actually quite good, has this Estonian Ack done anything else - his style looks familar.

and i have a feeling you're the reason why has been filtered at work