Friday, January 06, 2006

moosic of 2005

I did buy a bunch of cds this year, but very few were fresh in 2005. Most where filling up holes in my collection (Tom Waits, Sonic Youth) some were nostalgic (NWA, Dirty Old bastard) but of the music i did purchase that was released in 2005.

Rock out with your cock out
Franz Ferdinand - Its so addictive, the posturing and swagger.
White Stripes - I didn’t see this as a great departure from their older stuff. No tracks really stood out, but in total its a good listen.
Bloc party -
Its growing on me, but slightly over produced but original compared to other rock stuff.
Kaiser Chiefs/Kings of Leon - both take different tacks but the stripped back feel still rocks satisfactorily
Gorillaz - I didn’t really like the first album all that much so I shouldn’t be that surprised. 3 good tracks and the rest are meh.

Booty baking Ass shaking
Little Brother - Even though De La Soul are still around and doing really great stuff (Grind date still got spun this year) Little brother has the East Coast native tongue flavour – though the whole concept album thing is a bit cute (and overdone in hip hop) – it doesn’t hit you over the head with it.
A nice adult hip hop album with good production. I don’t think it was a great year in hip hop, but it doesn’t get much airplay so I’m not really sure what I missed.
Throw your hands up in the air
Kayne West – A solid album, a bit too mainstream and its a bit hard to relate to the whole, “its hard being this wealthy" but good to get your party on.
Kicked to the curb
Public Enemy – Sniff
Handsome Boy Modelling School – The first album is so awesome, "White people" though stretches the joke too far without the music to back it up. 3 barely decent songs and the rest are crap.

Music that made my vagina cry
Lucksmiths – “Music from next door” is just a perfect song, just can’t get enough of this album.
Let's just be friends but still just cuddle
Jen Lekman - The first album is great, this album has remixes which is just weird for a folk singer.
Just Rubbish
Antony and the Johnsons - boring

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