Saturday, January 21, 2006


i picked up Larry Young's True Fact for $3 from one of the Adelaide Comic Shops and became somewhat inspired to do something in comics.
Larry Young runs AIT/Planet Lar Comics, probably most notably known for publishing Brian Woods work and his own Astronauts in Trouble. I was never a fan of any of their output but once you get past Larry's self aggrandising and 'gee whiz i'm just a cat that loves comics' he does say some good stuff (there is nothing more tiring than people using the word 'cat', it ALWAYS sounds like my dad trying to be hip and its always embarrassing).
Like Steven Grant, who is probably one of the smartest commentators on comics (especially mainstream stuff), Larry's product always is lacking something.
But he did produce True Facts, his guide to publishing comics, a reprinting of some columns he did at the old Savant website.
Anyway, he quotes Guy Kawasaki (who may be quoting someone else)
Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave.
I tend not to make new years resolutions until the end of january, i mlike to see how the year is blowing, where i wanna go and what not. This year will probably be a busy year for me, workwise there are some big projects i'm going to manage; around the house theres a cellar and deck i want to build, plus painting the exterior and there's the whole getting married thing.
But i wanna do something with comics; i have a couple of ideas - some which will have to wait till next year some which i can do myself, some i'll need help.
so ive done the god bit, i've got the idea - the king bit involves some planning which takes me awhile because i'm a ponderer - and the slave bit is actually the easy bit for me.
so stay tuned.

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