Tuesday, January 24, 2006

my shit drawing

Now with the 24hour comic website up - lets take a walk down memory lane regarding ME. and my comics.

Sketchy comics

(excuse the crappy interface)
Starts off with "Darkness of the Sole" a 9 page story about two mates whose fridge connects to the phone line.

Then i had a whole series (well about 7) of "when stick figures don't work properly". There's Stick figure porn on page 10 and Stickfigure gangsta rap video on page 17.

Page 12 has a musical interlude where i rip off a short lucksmith tune (i asked permission before hand). I've done musical interlude's 3 times running - this was the only time it worked. (also the caption is my feeble attempt to hide behind the fair use/review copyright law).

Roboto is a 4 page take off of Memento, it runs backwards and covers a favourite theme of mine 'satisfaction in mediocrity'. One day i may do this strip right (though my shit drawing has its charms)

The next four pages is me trying to not have to draw at all. There's
Finally I have no idea, it makes me laugh, but i'm simple that way (and i haven't had the fin for about 2 years now).

Tomorrow lets party like its 2004, because i don't have anything else going on.

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Mike Hell said...

Magneto page 1 (page 13) would make a great tshirt.