Saturday, January 28, 2006

more shitty comics (part ii)

Totally POV comics

Thinking that having done 24 pages of comics i was somewhat of an accomplished artist, i tried to be smart and do a point-of-view comic, because i realise a suck at drawing people but stuff i'm relatively better at (relatively; like how my dentistry skills are better than my brain surgery skills) so as long as i did stories where no one else existed i was fine.

Bye Bye Bali goes for 4 pages and its pretty autobiographical since only 2 weeks before i had been in Bali. Check out the 'how to be an artist' captions, i should have done the whole future past tense thing - "you will sit in a seat too small for you and have the metal buckle dig into your bloated belly" - but it was still early and i wanted to get ahead of schedule (plus i'm not that clever).

The biggest buzz i got was when i went to pick up Emma from her work and saw she had printed the first page to Company Time on her pin up board. My ode to shitting on comany time and getting paid for it. I think i had about another 2-3 pages of material but thought it may be making me look like a neurotic loser. The story is ruined by the font (and yes the drawing)(and yes the jokes).

Happy Ending -getting a massage (that first panel has the caption "you tell me if to strong fo you ok - garble"). Neither me or rob liefeld can draw feet - take that to the bank.

The musical interlude for this year sucked, i was trying to think of a nice short song to 'comicise' and thought Tom Wait's "The Ocean doesn't want me today". For some reason i though that was the only line in the song, so i started to draw, towards the end i played the song for inspiration and discovered that its a lot longer than i thought. Its supposed to be a scuba diver being expelled by the ocean crash landing on the beach - it doesn't work at all.

Master and Mastered was a bit of a depature - it wasn't meant to be funny. It was also the first time i used photoshop filters to suppliment and camoflauge my shitty drawing. I think the best thing about this was i got asked if the story about the balaklava and old lady was true, which is quite the compliment since i've never sky jumped in my lfe.

Cast asunder is sort of the sequel to Callous, which was drawn by Tonia Walden and appeared in Pirates. Cast Asunder is shitty drawing and all wordy wordy. Callous, is beautifully drawn with no words.

Do your duty, my little imagining of the conversation between David Hicks and the supposed Australian agents who he spoke with on the battleship as it chugged its way to Camp Xray. Plus its the inclusion of the 'paddy wagon' special word. It almost works - its ends a bit abruptly.

And it all ends with me 'cheating' with the camera. Since then me and Emma moved to our new house which is a fair depature from the unit (which i'm renting out to some doctors from overseas).

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