Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Movies: The listing - part i

A guy I work with keeps a database of every movie he’s seen for the last 20 years, with reviews, scores and whatnot. He can then say at the end of the year – “I watched 226 films this year”.
For some reason I think that’s kind of cool so I’m going to try that here, not on a database

Old School - DVD - Whilst i try so hard not to yell out "you're my boi blu" in croweded areas, its a hard thing to do. Some awesome bits in this film that are spoiled for some really cheap gags. Thematically its a natural progression from my favourite film of all time, The Graduate.
Out of Sight – TV - I love this movie, especially the use of freeze frames. Soderbergh loves his 60’s new wave films – he uses their techniques so well while still being fresh. This movie also features the next suit i'm going to get made up (the light coloured checked 3 button with the red lining, also worn by Cary Grant and the Rock – tho I want a 2 button version).
Chocolat – DVD – Enjoyably quaint, though I was surprised that this got nominated for best picture since it is so subtle and evenly paced without dealing with a grand conflict or social issue, which is the norm for Oscar nominees. But when it comes to exotic women solving people’s problems with food I’ll take Peneolope Cruz in ‘Woman on Top”
King Kong – Cinema – We went Gold class and had to wait an hour for our food which sort of spoiled the experience. But whilst I think I could watch Naomi Watt’s face forever, the whole movie seems so shallow. It just feels like all the situations and scenes are just put in so they’ve got something to build a videogame around and to sell action figures. It was a bit meh, well made meh but still meh.
Everafter – DVD – Emma watches this frequently, in this viewing I just tagged along. I like it for a bit of fluff, beautifully shot fluff. Drew Barrymore is quite charismatic, but not that pretty. And as always, more gypsies.
The Island – DVD - This movie requires Ewan McGregor and Scarlet Johanson to run around screaming “Go” or “stop” for 2 hours. Not as bad as they say it was though I like explosions and car chases. still its pretty vacant. And Scarlett does nothing for me.
Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights – DVD - Emma will quite happily watch the original Dirty Dancing everyday (she watched it 3 times in 2 days once) and I have to admit I don’t mind watching it either, every now and again, I can see why it was so successful and there’s something about Jennifer Grey - sigh. Anyway DD2HN is 80 minutes long and has dancing it.
Police Story 2 – DVD - I’m a big Jackie Chan fan and thought I had seen most of his post Young Master films but while I watched this film it barely registered, I couldn’t remember anything from it. Its not particular a great Jackie film, its almost boring and besides the exploding factory I still can’t remember much from it (oh – except for the slow mo bouncing red ball)
Project A; Part 2 – DVD – One of my favourite Jackie films; the handcuffed and being chased scene is very cool. It also makes me think that in a lot of Chan films there’s always a ‘hiding’ scene.
Say Anything – DVD – I’m a Cameron Crowe fan but I hadn’t even heard of this film until recently. John Cusack is good as always, though in a lot of his movies he always stands broken hearted in the rain. A good romantic film with kickboxing.


Mike Hell said...

"But whilst I think I could watch Naomi Watt’s face forever,"

Didn't you say that celebrity lookalike site said you looked like her? ;)

douglasbot said...

Penelope Cruz's other outstanding food film = Jamon Jamon.

Penelope Cruz plus manufactured cured sausage. YES!

Mark Selan said...

mike - i did say that, its the 18% difference that seperates me from the gorgeous.

doug - tell penelope i've got her cured sausage right here.