Thursday, February 10, 2005

Waiter, there's a ledger in my soup!

And probably my last legder post.
Again, i think in the time and resources at hand gary did a great job. Starting something like this from Scratch is big and scary. So well done. i thought the nominating and voting was really great. And i got a kick out of the flash based presentation.

Next year will go much better.

One thing that struck me was that, besides a bit of talk on Gary's message board and a reference in the "talk about comics" blog i didn't see a list of winners anywhere else. I know there's the assumption that Aaron would post it up at ComicsAustralia or someone would post it up at Pulpfaction but that didn't happen (i think its a acase of not wanting to step on people's toes). A little press release (just the list of winners and a little intro) to Silverbulletcomic and Newsarama (they'll release anything) would have been nice, even an email to a local paper. Just to get a little visibility.

And of course, what do i win? I'm hoping for a gold medallion with rope chain that says "Ledger - Best Person Ever". But I don't think finances will stretch that far. I know that Gary made the calendars which is a great idea, but I don't know how successful it is/was as a money making venture
So my suggestion is Sponsorship, i got the idea off I think the Eisners; companies/individuals donate money and get to become a platnium, gold, silver, bronze level sponsor or whatnot. I don't think that this will work well here yet because the whole awards don't have the visibility where being connected (sponsoring the whole thing) would mean anything. But if someone wants to sponsor the whole thing that would be great. However, sponsoring an individual award makes a direct link between sponsor and winner;
"and the Kings Comics Award for best international creator is David Yardin"
"And the Modern Tales Award for Best webcomic goes to Raymondo Person"
"and the Eckersly award for best design goes to the Watch"
"and the Supanova award for best artist goes to Daniel Reed"

you get the idea

At this stage naming rights could go cheap, say $100 a year which is not much, you might even get a bidding war of some of the more high profile awards (artist, international, ledger of honour). It could raise about $1000 a year. What is done with the money is up to gary. It could go for the actual award, a cash prize, putting together an annual of winners or something else, i dunno.

So if this idea gets accepted and since I'm all about the new talent and celebrating achievements I'm willing to put in $100 each to sponsor the New Talent Award and the Best Acheivement Award. As long as its not the "Mark Selan award for New Talent" because that sounds really really wanky.

offer is rescinded if the money is spent on fixing gary's garage or other non prize stuff :) (expect for blow and hookers - save me some)


douglasbot said...

"The Doug Holgate Award for excellence in ARSE goes too..."

Mark Selan said...

What would you being doing in people's arse doug?

I reckon "the Douglas Finklestone Holgate award for inking goes to..." sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Mark, you're so right about the press release. I just whipped one up and sent it to over 20 PR contacts from Phillip Adams to Joe Zabel. I hope it gets picked up.

Also, can I copy and paste all of your Ledger-related comments into the Forums @ The Junktion? It would be great to discuss there.


Mark Selan said...

Sure - i should be discussing all that stuff there instead of here but i'm lazy.

Anonymous said...