Friday, February 11, 2005

Supanova and comics

Because Emma's birthday is on the same weekend as Supanova Sydney, i'm going to the brisbane version instead. It should be fun because i'll get to hang out with Weber - I owe him money and dinner. Hopefully I can find out what Alien Circus is finally about.
I'll be sharing a table with Daniel Reed of Crumpleton Experiments fame, sorry, Ledger winning Crumpleton Experiements fame and selling Ozcomic magazines, barking about the 24 hr challenge and other stuff.
As always i'll be happy to sell books of people not able to attend. Contact me if you are interested.
Stop and say hello. We can then nervously chat and then later you can snigger.

On to comics (completely unrelated to supanova).
Yesterday -
"hey pete, you got any copies of 'young avengers' left?"
"WHY! WHY!?"
"um its got one of the writers of the Oc working on it"

And it was average, if not a disappointment. The poor artist had to gram 7 to 8 panels per page to fit in the dialogue heavy story. The scripting for OC is up there with Sorkin's West Wing, its fresh, natural, witty and hip. Young avengers isn't like that at all, i suspect the Allen Heinberg is only responisible for the comic geek speak of Seth Cohen and nothing more.
The cliffhanger was interesting, but a good cliffhanger is just a half finished sentence that comes out of the blue - not that hard.
On the other hand, Waid's Legion is really really good. it is OC for the superhero set. the plot moves, the dialogue is natural and the characters are introduced seamlessly. probably the best thing Waid has done (Flash was good except for the power of love stuff, impulse was carried by Ramos' art, his captain america was solid bgrade action helped by ron garney's stoic and dynmaic art). Legion constitutes 50% of the superhero comics I buy regularly.

Also reading Jeffery Brown's Unlikely, does not have as clever narrative format as Clumsy or as hilarious as BigHead but still good.
Also reading Kyle Baker's Why I hate Saturn which is very New York Sitcomy, it actually has set ups and punchlines, which is refreshing from the normal one liner wackiness that appear in comics. Not as good as the Cowboy Wally Show but what is?

And finally


douglasbot said...

Or it could be that writing for comics and writing for television are two completely different animals.
I don't watch the OC or read young avengers(?!) (indie cred points -100)
But just because you can write a good scipt for telly doesn't mean you can take that same script and just cram it into a number of panels on a page and hope it works.

Strike that...Young Avengers?!? NO INDIE CRED POINTS FOR YOU!!

Anonymous said...

YEAH! HANGING OUT WITH ME MAN! we'll stay up late and talk about boys we'd want to marry when we've grown up into women. And we can paint each other's nails! YAY!

And "young avengers?!?!?" written by some dick from the OC? what the fcuk? sounds like marvel's clutching at straws.

And I'm dissapointed in you for BUYING such an obvious marketing ploy that is simialar to "muppet babies."



Mark Selan said...

Yeah my point exactly, all the writers from TV and film can do alright with dialogue but their story telling is crap; smith, jms, heinberg, hamm - all caption boxes and clumsy exposition.
How are they supposed to save comics?
I was thinking about picking up Black Panther for romita's art and to see what the writer of House Party #2 would do with the character. But then i learnt my lesson.

And indie cred - dude i totally name dropped Jeffery Brown and Kyle Baker. Indie cred +101. Don't make me indy pout.

Weber - I'll bring the sex in the city boxset and we can try on each other clothes. I feel shame now.

Tonia said...

Ha, great you can make it to Brissie - I'll come say hi! (BTW I'm happy to offer my PO Box as a drop off point for people sending you stuff, if you don't want to cart comics around on the plane with you)

Mark Selan said...

tonia - you better say hello.
Hopefully people will take me up on the offer and I'll thankfully use your PO Box.