Monday, February 07, 2005

My weekend

Was at a wedding, a polish wedding at that, so spent too much time dancing and drinking straight vodka from tumblers. This was due to being seated by myself (emma was in the bridal party) with the 'cousins that were only invited because it was only polite'. My name was spelt incorrectly as "Selon" so i entertained my table (myself in particular) with the story of being the son of a french gardener from Lyon. Thank god i guessed lyon was in France or it could have been embarrassing.

Other highlights was the drunk (and according to Emma - gay) priest who decided to wing his homily for 20 minutes, hearing the word 'Lover' come out of a priest's mouth gets creepy after the 12th reiteration, the 4 year old kid who a) danced for 4 hours and b) proposed to Emma, the nervous looks of the the people in the church when the priest asked for the "gifts to be presented" - he was talking about the wine and wafer (5 years of catholic school got me a laugh - yah!), and the best man's speech which included an economic discourse on the cost of intercourse (before and after children), a quote from Perfect Matches' Dexter (including the grundy's disclaimer and copyright information) and what happens when you type the bride and grooms' names into google. The speech just got blank looks from anybody over the age of 45 but laughs from everyone else, it just needed some reference to MRrT and it would have been perfect.
A good time was had by all.

Otherwise, between the wedding and recepion I went to the regular Adelaide drinks, helped celebrate Owen Heitman's birthday, chatted with Peter from Pulp Fiction, played with Loren Morris' doll (its a boy) and found out about Simon McGill's new project, or (not to be confused with or While the site is a tad ugly now, i'm excited by the functionality and web hosting it will hold.

Otherwise maybe more Ledger stuff tomorrow or maybe more crap about recent dvd hirings.

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