Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ledgers Wedger

The Ledger logo is a bit, um, wrong for a comic award.

All these are solid high contrast illustrations that would print well, in a comic or press release or on a website. i can't really imagine the whole grayscale, embossed and blurred logo coming up clean and crisp in most local print jobs.

And also i like who the latter two have an illustrated element, showing that the award is illustrated based. The current logo looks cool in a heavy metal tshirt/sandman panel van spray job kind of way but for a comic book award its a bit much.


Anonymous said...

That never was meant to be the permanent logo design. I just ran out of time to do a proper one for the first year.

I've done a crisp black and white logo for use in all sorts of ways. Will make available shortly.


Mark Selan said...

ah - good to hear