Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Sharing the love

Someone other than me loves Crab Allan, 4 people to be exact.

The Ledgers get some talk too.

Alex Major worked on Lion King 1.5, Lion King 1.5 wins Annie Award. Coincidence? I think not. Congrats Alex.

Possibly creepy guy loses job at comic shop OR People band together and get guy fired from comic shop, why can't they band together and buy comics instead? OR Who will save the children? OR Children go to comic shops?

Eddie Campbell does OGN for new publisher. Detective Story at that.

Dillon Naylor is not a loser. Go vote. Teen Titans nor Oddbodz have Ledgers. Go vote. Bloody Garfield.


Anonymous said...

Wow, four people, man, where were they when I was signing books over at Ace comics that time? oh right, another country, fair enough.

The funny thing is, I just recently got into Djukis' rouges of clyde-rhan, the whimsy of it, the sudden nudity for no real reason other than just because it's the kind of world they live in, it's genius.


Anonymous said...

Oops, uh...and thanks for sharing this man, much appreciated (and that other stuff as well, it's a pity so many people use all that gang power to get people fired instead for more constructive means).


Tonia said...

Garfield - WTF? Kids like the same continous jokes about a guy who can't get a date and how much food a cat can eat?

Mark Selan said...

Not enough videogame violence and exposure to sexual content on television leads to people liking garfield.

Anonymous said...

i was kinda hoping k-zone would get over this voting gimmick by now. it's not like jim davis's livlihood depends on wether or not a bunch of primary school kids remember to push a button each month.