Sunday, December 04, 2005

There is nothing to fear - Independent Press Title of the year

Over 201 copies photocopied or printed. Any number docuteched (ComiXpress or Lulu).

Its hard to know what the print run of a particular comic is so my choices are based on assumptions and the quality of the printing.

DeeVee Flange
Whilst its not perfect, its pretty damn close; Flight Path and the Werewolf story rock, they couldn't be more opposite in tone and genre but their high standard can not be denied. Same with Playright and Kolchkla's efforts, couldn't be more dissimailar but the balance just works. Something for everyone. Though is this actually International Press?

Azerath 4-7
Though its getting a bit too cute for its own good and bogged down backstory, such that its not going anywhere, its still an enjoyable read. For now. The banter carries it along to a degree but its the art that really makes this stand out. And kudos for coming out consistently. I recommend people try this series out.

Platinum Grit 13
Now thanks to Lulu i can actually read this whilst holding it in my hands. Being a late comer to the Platinum Grit scene, i'm a bit ashamed that i didn't jump the bandwagon earlier. Its not cheap laughs and cardboard characters but well thought out jokes using real characters. The art is sexy as too.

The Pirate Anthology
Like the Piate Movie, this too was made in Queensland. By Tonia Walden (Actually I don’t think Tonia had anything to do with the movie but my knowledge on these things is limited). 64 pages of pirate goodness. I have to admit that I do have a 3 page story in it, with art by Tonia (my first published/printed comic work - whoop) but forgetting that bias, there is some great work in there. I’m hoping this becomes a series; zombie anthology, ninja anthology, cowboy anthology, robot anthology, monkey anthology, all the pop icons. Sigh – I can only dream.

Generations 2005
This is what Oztaku wants to be when it grows up. A classy, incredibly designed book showing off a high class of work. Its a professional in every sense of the word. I think the stories try a bit too much sometimes, I dunno - it feels the creators try a bit too hard to make their stories have 'meaning' or impact but the art is lovely and carries it through. Tang and huynh's story is a stand out.

Happy Birthday Anyway – Matt Huynh
If it wasn’t for the high page count, I would have put this in the Small Press category but at 52 pages its not small. Also I’m nominating 6 because I’m not sure where Deevee sits. This is a very thought out and mature book, its interesting that a lot of guys are telling sensitive stories with females as the main characters (brian wood, adrian tomine, etc). Interesting (well to me anyway), because maybe its easier to write about sensitive girls than sensitive guys and then be seen as wussy (not a stance I take because I’m wussy - I need companionship and acceptance, please love me). But (happy birthday) anyway, Happy Birthday Anyway is a good read, though the character swap at the end was very confusing (both characters wear very similar clothes and hair) it did force me to reread the last section again and again and made me appreciate some of the more interesting graphical elements (the walking into the closet bit was awesome).

Hairbutt the Hippo IV, almost gets through. Otherwise Withheld by Bobby N needs a mention. Technically, while i had trouble with some of the storytelling, which meant i had to flick back and forth between pages, i thought it was a great story. Sporadic #5 is really good, but being cute and pretty gets you only so far, it needs to have substance or laughs to really stand out. And I can’t wait for Witch King (though it is december now and there is still no shipping date so i have fears), the preview for chapter 3 looked good.

But of course the idea is that other people nominate what they liked. There's plenty of time (nominations finish early january) so check out and buy stuff.
Otherwise get ye to the nomination forms and nominate.


Daren White said...

Flange didn't go through Diamond and so is probably most appropriate in this category. Thanks for the plug.



Anonymous said...

Can't believe I forgot about Flange (again). The most exciting thing I've read in years, not just this year. It's the kind of comic I want to find, everytime.


Mark Selan said...

It's the kind of comic I want to find, everytime. is a perfect description

Mark Selan said...

I feel like a moron because I forgot to include Crumpleton Experiments.

So many good books, i'm not sure which gets the flick out of the top 5 nominations.

Ian T said...

Does Operation Funnybone belong in this category? It's out: Operation Funnybone!

Mark Selan said...

yeah - i'd say funny bone would be independent press - until theres a graphic novel category - why not