Sunday, December 11, 2005

Hand out the big donger - Ledger of Honor

Nominees chosen from Australian creators, publishers or retailers, past or present.

This is a lot harder category to deal with because it sort of whiffs of ‘well you were great back in the day grandpa, here’s an award, shuffle off and let the youngens draw now’. But there are people I want to nominate who have done a lot for the scene AND are still on top of their game. So just because it’s a life time achievement kind of award, please keep living. Plus my knowledge of ye olde time comics (pre1990) is hazy at best.

Michael Leunig
As the most recognisable cartoonist/comic artist in the country it would be quite easy way for the awards to get some media spotlight if Leunig won. Also, he's not a spandex artist and therefore would be a good way for comics to be shown as not all superheroes and not just for kids. It helps that he's very successful at what he's done and deserves it anyway. He should be recognised by us before he ends up in gaol for sedition.

Sam Young
Some people will bristle but a bit of controversy is always good. My first dipping into the Australian comics pool had Sam Young and Issue one floating in the middle. Gave a lot of artists a go and got comics out there.

George Vlastaras
Going through my box of Australian Comics ranging from the past till now, it astounded me the number of ads for Kings Comics that have appeared in local produce for so long. If every retailer was like George, or even half as good, we'd all be winners.

Tonia Walden
I’m not really that aware of Tonia’s older work, but her current stuff is very good but besides her artistic skills, her support for the scene is much appreciated. She has a whole circle of people she sends mini comics too, not just her stuff but she distributes other people’s works. She has created some really solid anthologies “Once upon a time” Eat comics” and “Pirates” giving a lot people their first chance being printed and her own work always looks good. But as they say the night is young.

Dillon Naylor
Always the exception to the rule; you have to concentrate overseas to make it big, don’t bother with magazines and newspapers, kid's comics are dead, there’s no way to distribute work in Australia, blah, blah, blah, wah, wah, wah. Dillon throws a big fist of bullshit at that, 'cause he shows adaptability, innovation and perseverance matters. Plus I used to always refer to him as Dillion and he never mentioned it, so his tolerance is also commendable.

But of course the idea is that other people nominate who they liked so get ye to the nomination forms and nominate.

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