Monday, December 12, 2005

oh der - people and books i forgot

Small Press;
Dicks - really well illustrated set of vignettes
Seven Swords - its consistently released to a consistent quality (Thanks Tonia)
Foolproof Anthology - this got sent out to me by Nate (thanks nate) and it was really good.
Angry Comic Shop guy - made by an adelaide creator it involves violence against nerds which is always funny.

Probaby my biggest ommission was Nicola Scott for her work on the Star Wars free comic book day comic. Otherwise the other person who could be nominated in the Overseas category is Andie Tong for Spiderman UK.

Otherwise Reed's Crumpleton Expirements should get some respect in either he small or independent press categories; I'm leaning towards the independent press side which is looking like a really strong field this year. I'm hoping Witch King makes out by the end of the year (its not on the diamond shipping list for this week).

And i think that's it but i've probably forgotten something.

but go nominate


Ian T. said...

Mark, I'm holding off on nominating and hoping some others will to, as Tango #6 came out yesterday and Operation Funnybone is imminent. It's going to queer the voting a bit though, because practically no-one will have read these books, even though they came out in 2005.

I think The Crumpleton Experiments #5 is the only issue that came out this year (it's not listed under the Phase Two link).

Anonymous said...

Another reason the awards should be from December to December the following year.

Nate said...

Yep and I sent you the Useless Ephemera mini too.

Mark Selan said...

Ian T - I'm holding off till next week to actually too, just waiting for Funny Bone, Witch King and Tango to drop. Plus i just got Many Ord's lastest mini (she's beginning to get machine status).

Part of me thinks that a book should be 'officially' released and therefore eligible for the Ledgers, once it gets distributed by Phasetwo.

In terms of 'queering' the voting, John Law came out on the 31st of December last year and it still won a swag of awards. So its possible.

Anonymous - December to december doesn't work because unless dates are specified, books could be eligible for 2 years. I think going by calendar year has its flaws, but its good enough.

Nate - You sent Useless Ephemerma too? Hmmm - I'll have to look through the pile, but its not ringing any bells.

Nate said...

It's a six page booklet with an plastic "dust jacket".

Mark Selan said...

sorry, nate

I found it, thanks

Gary Chaloner said...

Anonymous said...
Another reason the awards should be from December to December the following year.

The flip-side of this is that books released in December have a stronger chance of being immediately remembered by nominators and voters, as opposed to book released earlier in the year.