Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Xmas to all

Last sunday we went down to the McClaren Vale wine region to pick up a couple of xmas trees for us and my mum. This involved walking around a forest fo an hour looking for not one perfect tree but two! Then having them cut down and jamming them into my small car.
Consequently my car and Saveded Central has a sweet piney smell.
We picked up half a dozen or so wines for the day and my cellar and went to Oscars, for i think, the best pizza in Australia. So sunday was a good start to the week.
I spent the rest of the week making ice cream (5 varieties) and bottling olive oil for friends and family.
Work has been good since most everyone is on holiday and i've been spending my time coding and designing which is way better than my normal project management/problem solving stuff.
Right now Emma's making a huge (1.5 foot) chocolate xmas tree and dancing to her new Dirty Dancing sound track, while my fingers smell like rosemary from preparing the pork roast.
I spoke to my dad yesterday and he's living it up in Thailand and in a couple of hours we'll be going to mum's for lunch with the rest of the family.

I hope everybody's xmas is as relaxed and as fulfilling as mine.
Merry Xmas.


Tonia said...

Merry Christmas to you and Emma - sounds like you will be eating well!

Mark Selan said...

thanks tonia!

Merry xmas to you as well. we try and eat well but usually end up eating too much

dillon said...

a hearty seasonal greeting to you both, mark and emma and i look forward to more comic book and cooking talk in 2006.

Mark Selan said...

thanks a lot Dillon, same to you and your new wife and for the .5 child.

i shall try and amalgamate both cooking and comics; a lasagne using sheets of newprint perhaps.

Ian T said...

Cheers, Mark - I'm late in here, but Merry Boxing Day and Happy New Year to you and Emma!

Anonymous said...

remember the fundamentals...