Monday, December 05, 2005

Overseas they drink Fosters beer - International title of the Year

Titles distributed overseas (via Diamond, Titan etc.) and within Australia featuring Australian talent. Titles by Australian creators for overseas publishers.

Fell by Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith
Ben's most traditional comic work for awhile; 9 panel pages crammed with captions and dialogue and Ben makes it work. Plus its some of Warren's more interesting work.

The Dreaming by Queenie Chan
I bought this on friday, I've only read half so i can only judge it so much. But on what I see, just lovely and endearing stuff with an underlying suspenseful drama; it skims the rim of generic but there are little surprises. Also its got great art. Dreaming is a really mature and measured piece of work.

Small Gods by Jason Rand and Juan Fererer
The first arc was really good, the second was overly cliche but the third and final arc is a lot better. Jason's characters aren't overly generic; they all have an individual 'voice' and he's covering ground that is new to me.

Black Panther by Reggie Hudlin and David Yardin
David is back in the jungle and showing off all the beauty and majesty he picked up in Realm of the Claw. Yardin's issues (8 and 9) sold out and had to be reprinted which is quite an achievement.

Losers by Andy Diggle and Colin Wilson
Colin steps out of his Eurocomic glory and does three gorgeous issues of Losers.

Laika: First doggie in space (In Flight) by Doug Holgate
Because of its cuteness (Laika's, not Doug's).

Otherwise, I didn’t see much else; Rand’s other series doesn’t interest me, I didn’t pick up McCarthy’s batman stuff (because I’m burnt out on batman), or White and Best’s Escapists story (because it was a bit pricey). And the IDW templesmith/wood stuff again is pricey.

But of course the idea is that other people nominate what they liked. There's plenty of time (nominations finish early january) so check out and buy stuff.
Otherwise get ye to the nomination forms and nominate.

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