Saturday, December 10, 2005

I loved your work on Thor! - Favourite Foriegn Creator

Favourite international creator (artist, writer etc.) with work released during the year.

This was a struggle, finding foreign creators that excite and make me want to track down their work AND who had released work recently.

Mike Allred
The Golden Plates stuff is probably the worst thing I’ve ever read, but everything else Allred has done has been close to perfect.

Jeffery Brown
I’m waiting till Top Shelf releases a postage sized book (each successive book gets smaller) of Brown’s phone message doodles (I’m not really keen of sketch book stuff). But whining aside, I’ll still buy it because Brown’s stuff is funny and insightful.

Mark Waid
I don’t read everything Waid does, but what I have collected I’ve enjoyed. i like Legion a lot.

David Lapham
Just for Stray Bullets, I was really tempted to pick up his Detective run and I’ll probably get his Punisher vs Bullseye if I find it in a dollar bin.

Brian Augustyn
ExMachina and Y the last man are good reads and I’m tempted to start collecting runaways (but I think there should be a limit to how many teen based comics you can buy otherwise its creepy and old man like myself buying comics about teenagers).

But of course the idea is that other people nominate what they liked. So head down to your local comic shop and buy some foriegn stuff if you must
Otherwise get ye to the nomination forms and nominate.

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