Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sureshot Presents – The Spark

The idea for publishing comics hit me pretty early in my time with OzComics Magazine. Me and Darren Close played with the idea of doing some sort of studio thing, which from my end was too big to realise. But i enjoy Australian Comics too much, not to want to be involved.

To me life is all effort and reward; if you don’t put in the effort, then don’t expect anything. Sometimes effort is its own reward and when you love what you do, you got it made. When you talk effort, you got to understand limits - how much effort am I willing to put in before I start questioning “what the fuck am I doing THIS for?” and end up whimpering.

Me, I’m quite neurotic; I know what I can do, I know how much time and money I can put into a project before I get overwhelmed. And I wanted to do something with local comics. I pretty much discovered when I left uni in 1997 that unless I had a project or a set of goals I was fucked. I’d wonder ‘what’s the point?’, lose a sense of purpose and being and the black dog would start snapping.

I felt it would be worth the effort to publish them.

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