Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sureshot Presents - All about the Customers' Benjamins

Having established a $4 cover price i now had to make sure that the product was sellable to achieve Goal #3,4 and 5 (essentially make people want to buy it).

One is quality, make sure its good comics - again that's abit abstract at this point and i'll get to quality later (Goals# 1 and 2).

Secondly is make it appealing economically. Four dollars at the time was more expensive than the regular $2 American comic that was being sold in Australian comic shops for $3.50. So i had to give more value - essentially more pages than the regular 22 pages that come from Marvel and DC. At this point i was looking at card covers, colour covers and trying to do something with at least 40 pages.

Now a local comic costing $4 could be considered good value, the cheapest comic is $2.50US which is about $4.50 Australian.

I liked $4 as a cover price.

Personally i'm kind of cheap so i take a chance on something costing $4. I could have made the cover price for $5 but there's the psychological barrier with $5; you need at least 3 gold coins to buy a $5 comic, or if you use a $5note you don't get any change. With a $4 cover price its pocket change, you'll get change back if you use a note.

So it was a matter of comic up with a comic that would appeal to customers for essentially a $2 cost.

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LFW said...

There is also the angle that pretty much everyone has spent the majority of their cash on useless naruto crap.

goooo manga