Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sureshot Presents - The Quality

A number of the goals dealt with quality,

  1. To get Australian comics into the public’s consciousness to show that Australian comics doesn’t just mean The Phantom (which is ironic). Show Australians that comics are about them.
  2. To show comic readers that Australian comics doesn’t equal rubbish.
Now quality can be subjective. I think sometimes people confuse quality with liking something - I don't like science fiction movies but i think that there are quality scifi flicks out there (Gattaca, Sunshine, etc). You can have a comic with strong writing and excellent art that people won't like, similarly you can have a book with rubbish art or writing which people enjoy.

But at the end of the day i wanted good books that people would buy. This could be a book that was targetted at a large mainstream population or a niche book targetted at a small community of people. Personally I prefer the latter, looking at a group of people so gourmet fans and directly marketting a book they may enjoy directly to them.
This is why in the original SureShot Presents post i talk about wanting "marketing plans"; who's the audience, where are you going to sell your copies, etc.

But in terms of quality, again its subjective, I didn't think i'd be a great judge of what was good or bad which was why i was quite please when Daren White (DeeVee) and Douglas Holgate (all things cutesy and wootsy) tossed their hat in and became judges for all proposals. With a group of three personal preference wouldn't be an issue. And only good books would be released.

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