Thursday, August 07, 2008

My Instantaneous III piece

There was a slight difference with this year's Instantaneous (a charity auction of individual panels by Adelaide sequential artists) as opposed to the first two shows (where you just had to do a single panel) -this time you had to put the panel in context with a minimum of three panels but preferably in a page. The three panels/complete page would then be printed in the booklet/guide.

Having pretty much made coloured dots with emo caption my shtick it took awhile to figure how I'd not have to draw for at least 3 panels.

One afternoon-flicking-red-paint-around-until-it-looked-just-right later

I had this,
titled Strike.
(Lettering by Em)

The actual panel which was auctioned is the second one and went for enough to provide 20 soup kitchen meals.

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