Friday, August 22, 2008

Sureshot Presents – Importance of goals

Since I wasn’t a creator I could afford to consider grander visions beside creating stories, getting work with real publishers, winning fans, making money, etc. I could have higher goals.

Goals are important; goals a succinct expressions that you want to achieve. All actions you do, all decisions you make are in an effort to meet those goals. They define the product. If a decision is made that doesn’t achieve a goal, you’ve just made a bad decision. Its something I’ve harped on about Doujicon – what are the goals of Doujicon? To get people interested into Self-published comics? – then whats with the mysterious name? To get people into self-published manga? – then what’s with the Anime Screenings? What are Local Act Comics goals? How are their tshirts helping meet those goals? What is Phosphorescent's Web Comic Viewer actually for?

Goals have nothing to do with balancesheets. Goals aren’t wishwashy actions like “Make comics”. “Make good comics” is a Mickey Mouse bullshit goal. How are people going to buy your good comics? Why will they buy it? What makes you stand out?

Goals dictate the product. Lets say my goal was just to work for DC, then instead of self-publishing I’d head to San Diego with my portfolio tucked under my arm. If my goal was advertise myself to the widest audience possible, I’d start a webcomic called “Mark Selan’s awesome dirty comics about Star Wars chicks”. If I wanted to just tell stories for friends and family I’d print a little zine using the b/w laser at work.

At the time I was thinking about Sureshot Presents, it was a frequent lament “There aren’t any comic publishers in Australia! Who will print my comic?”. This presented two problems that I wanted to address.

“I can’t sell my comic”

This presented another problem I wanted to address.

“No one will buy more comic!”

These were all issues i wanted to address.


Anthony Woodward said...

Go ark! You've pumped me up for the day.
Now, off to make some decent non mickey mouse goals ;)

Anthony Woodward said...

Go Mark, Mark I meant, dammit...

Mark Selan said...

Thanks Anthony! Now get out there and finish that Star Wars slash webcomic!

And just to clarify (maybe not clarify but make the point) all creators should be making good comics; its a given.