Monday, August 11, 2008

Great Shiraz Challenge

Last month at a local pub, The Edinburgh, they put on a Shiraz tasting with about 300 shirazes.

I went with J. with the intention of tasting 10-12, max.

3 Hours later, having eaten a gi-normous gourmet hotdog I had scribbles for about 30 wines. It got to the point where everything tasted the same AND really good.

Some highlights;
Crabtree Watervale Shiraz was cheap at $15 but full of berry-goodness.
Battle of Bosworth Shiraz is another value for money drop. A lot fuller and complex but with some friuty vigour(and organic).
Everything from Shottesbrooke was great, which is rare. I usually find that a wine label will produce some nice cheap stuff and boring premium stuff or the otherway around. Torbrecks was another good label.

Probably the main disappointment was not able to taste the premium Penfold and D'arenberg shirazes (since there were only available for 5 minutes every hour - and we'd rock up 5 minutes too late).

Wine of the day was the Serafino Sharktooth Shiraz.

But then again my taste apparently is not the norm, with me only agreeing with 4 wines in the Top 40 for the day.

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