Wednesday, April 04, 2007

TV Comedy

Been watching two shows beamed into my computer by random.

Sarah Silverman Program - I think Silverman first got into my consciousness when i spotted her in Something About Mary - she was sexy. She seemed to be on the periphery, but I understand why, her show is probably the most cleverest sitcom for awhile. Great storylines, interesting gags but the problem is that its not funny. "Jesus is magic" barely made me smirk and 6 episodes of her show made me laugh twice; one joke involving Black God and the other about OCD and anal sex.

The White Rapper Show - is hilarious. Hosted by MC Serch who used to be in 3rd Base a group i really liked back in the day. Now he looks like he's a Courier Van driver, overweight with the wackest goatee ever. Prince Paul also makes many an appearence looking very bored - what happened to the most innovative producer in hip hop? Sigh. But its funny, making fun of all the cliches intentionally or not. None of the MC are that great, and the guy who wins the prize doesn't deserve it but they were never going to go anywhere anyway. Hollaback, aight!

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