Monday, April 09, 2007

Artist Alley - Brisbane Supanova 2007

Run down on who's there

David Russell's Enchanters - storyboarder/illustrator has released a book. Looks nice.

Shiny Verse - at first i thought this was some sort of Firefly fan club, its actually a webcomic, that doesn't look to0 bad.

Guh! Comics - Jase Harper is a great cartoonist and hopefully his Guh! book will have his autobiographical funny stuff, and even if it doesn't it will still be good.

Oztaku - do yourself a favour and get Michael Li's "9V" and "Last time I fetched water", beautiful beautiful stuff.

Snowbunny Luv - she might be selling a book or art

Brisbane Anime Society - i'm guessing its the Anime Society of Brisbane

Local Act Comics - get Ma B, get Vigil. just get there and get!

Novus Ordo - Star Wars costumers

Sureshot Presents - that ME, I'll have the first four issues of SureShot Presents, including the new "Best of OzComics Magazine" PLUS Daniel Reeds Crumpleton's Experiments AND MATT HUYNH'S CAB. I would buy it all, but that's just me.

Team Radelaide/Fistfull of Comics - my comrades from Adelaide - Sarah Milne, Dan McGuiness and Owen Heitman, with special appearance by Erin McGregor. Its all good stuff. But if i had to choose I'd get Basic Wage Kids 1-3, Pretty Zombies 1 and 2, The Angry Comic Shop Guy 1-4 (you can even have them signed by Peter, the star of Angry Comic Shop Guy), 5031 1-4, Fistfull of Comics 1-6 and How to Save the World.

Animavericks - Monash Anime Society who have their own magazine, it seems.

Edge Comixs - According to this, Edge Comix are the people behind old-skool alt-comix Groovy Gravy and The Protectorate.

Cult Fiction Comics Australia - Comics on CD-Roms, plus some print based stuff.

Shifting Time - A web comic, which is kind of funny in a funny space comedy kind of way

Dan Green - a voice actor from an anime cartoon

Blue Scar Productions - I have no idea

David Yardin - Artist working with Marvel on various x-men, storm and black panther books.

Stewart McKenny - Another really great artist, who's worked with Phosphorescent Comics, Dark Horse and Marvel.

Golgotha Graphics - Jules Faber, pick up "What happens when I die" and hopefully his recently completed Golgatha #2. OR I CAN BE COMPLETELY WRONG ANDTHIS COULD BE MATT G's "SURFING THE DEADLINE" which is also good.

501st Legion - grown men and women who dress up like fictional fascists from a movie that came out about the same time as Bad News Bears and Bugsy Malone. I'll be dressed like a Walter Matthau's character from Bad News Bears.

Cassi Walker and Friends- no idea who Cassi is but she won't be lonely, she'll have her friends

Trick Monkey and Aure Demon - Komala says they are good, and since she has better taste than me so, they must be good.

Queensland Star Trekkers Fan Club - oh my god they're only two table spaces away from the 501st Legion, i hope there isn't a rumble. Seriously, then their mum's will have to do all the sewing fixing their little costumes.

Dark Redemption - Fans who serviced someone else's trademark for the, i dunno, the good of humanity. And they are right next to the Star Trek people, blood will be spilt my friends.

Storm Publishing - the people behind the long running Jaegar and Mission.

Siberian Publishing - Every year i recommend the same book and every year i get the title wrong, so in that vein I suggest you get the book with the "killing howling doggies", ask for it by name. Get Billy as well.

Kriss Hades - this MIGHT be the axe man in a death Metal band, if so err WHAT?

Big Time Comics Revue - Will Kelly's comics are usually really good, i like the Rvaen stuff. - I think LF Weber will be sharing a table with Will selling his Crab Allan graphic novel and the new version of Sureshot Presents Crab Allan: Gothic Boogaloo. Big Time is also an anthology with ALL the great brisbane creatots in it.

PHATSVILLE - just buy it all, because its funny

Plump Oyster Comics - if you like bizzare comix, that feel organic and creepy then buy these. Otherwise if you like sweet romantic comics get Mel Stringers stuff in Girlie Pains.

Wink Death - I can only guess (apparently some sort of card game)

ANd OUTSIDE Artist Alley, Phosphorescent Comics, publishers of Azerath and Witch King, which are good comics.

(and if anyone can fill those holes, let me know)


Jase said...

Indeed Guh!2 will have my auto bio stuff as well some reprinted and new stuff.

Big time revue is an anthology by Bret Weekes and Wil Kelly featuring all Brisbane artists and Wink Death I believe is a card game I think.

Looks like my wallets going to take a pounding next weekend.

Anonymous said...

Shifting Time is the book by 'fitts' from the PF boards (I can't remember his 1st name), I don't think it's connected to Will. c u there.

Dan G.

Mark Selan said...

Jase and Dan - thanks for the corrections, i'll make the appropriate edits

Hayden said...

I swear I'm gonna have to stamp it to your forehead ;)

And it's Siberian Productions :P

Should also mention I've actually split my table with Nimbin Studios (Gerkinman).

Jules Faber said...

Sorry, but I haven't been able to swing Supanova for the last coupla times now, which shits me a bit.
"What Happens' is available via mail order direct from my website ( and Golgotha 2 still waits in the ever-darkening wings.
There's rumours of funding for production which continues to drag, but pending that, G2, 3 and 4 will be released en masse.