Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sureshot Presents Best of OzComics Magazine

Straight off the printer's press and scanned in just fo' yo, fo sho.

The new issue feature interviews and features about the history of Australian Comics and self-publishing.

The new 'kung fu' cover. NEW! And Limited!

Plus Mandy just had another 200 copies of Ordinary Eyeball printed (the first print run of 300 barely lasted 9 months).

Good times!


Edward J Grug III said...

So what sort of stuff is in the OzComics issue? Is it all re-prints of the old stuff?

Dann said...

Mate, I want to plug your comix in ZINE WORLD magazine in the USA. Sadly, they won't print reviews without a postal address. Do you have one?
If you do, please e-mail it to me at

Dann Lennard

Ian T. said...

Mark, is any of my stuff in there (reviews, interviews, comics)?

Mark Selan said...

Grug - Yeah its mainly reprint of old stuff plus 2 page contributor listing and a whole bunch of lists like "Australian Publishers", "29 Best Australian Comics" , "Australian Comic Messageboards" and "Australian Comic Resources"

Dann - I'll send you an email in the next couple of days.

Ian t - My brain is still really really hazy from the weekend, Yiour interview with Ben Howard is in their aaaand i think that's it. I'll send you a couple of issues soon.

Ian T. said...

Mark, thanks, that'd be great!