Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Good Friday for Launches

For people in Sydney
Matt "Stikman" Huynh is launching his opus dedicated to his home town Cabramatta.

Cab: Collaborative Auto-Biography
5th April (6.30pm – 8.30pm)

374 Crown St
Surry Hills 2010

Matt's work is gorgeous and sophisticated and a pleasure to behold.

More details on CAB and Matt

Enjoy the Wine

For those in Melbourne

Conceived on a Train: A book of cartoons, Illustrations and graphic stories done in Melbourne

is launching on

April 5th, 6pm

Trades Hall Bar

it features Mandy Ord (Dirty Little Creep, Sensitive Creatures, Sureshot Presents Ordinary Eyebal) and Anthony Woodward (7 Page Digest). It will be hosted by Shaun Micallef (who is quite funny).

more details

For those in Adelaide
Panels and Gutters is taking place at the
Grace Emily
Waymouth St

On saturday the 6th from about 2 onwards, this monthly get together of comic artists and fan is sponsored by Pulp Fiction Comics. (i most likely won't be there the first time i've missed it in years).

For those in Brisbane
Please prepare the Fortitude Valley for me and my compatriots' pleasure for the weekend of April 13-16. We will be there for Supanova but more importantly carousing.

For those in Perth and Hobart
Go rent a dvd there's rarely anything good on the telly.


Anonymous said...

"Warm it up Kris I'm about to!!
Warm it up Kris cause that's what I was born to do!!!"
Oh Yeah!! The Valley WILL be ready for you and yo' bitchez Marky Mark!


dillon said...

concieved on a TRAM. much more difficult than a train - more shaky and rattley.

Mark Selan said...

Andy - oh you better be ready to bring it

Dillon - bugger, i get the wrong day for the CAB launch, wrong name for the Melbourne Launch, and miss the Artage fair in Perth. it seems i was concieved on a pile of stupid.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I've already Brought It!! You just make sure *YOU* Bring It!