Saturday, April 07, 2007

my eye on the goldchain

I've fractured collarbones and ribs, been knocked out, sprained ankles, impaled my leg on a cementary fence (well it went in about an inch), had my fingers crushed, had about 9 stictches on various cuts on my hands but the very worse injury is getting a tiny nick in your eyeball. The first time this happened to me was in San Francisco about 14 years ago, i hadn't released what had happened and thought i was allegic to the cat i was sharing a floor with - my eye just wept and wept, my nose just ran and ran, just miserable.

On friday i was chopping wood (the last of it - about 1.5 tonnes) when i bent down to get a log a shrub jumped over and poked me in the eye. 3 days, a doctors visit, an eye full of orange dye, 12 drops of antibiotics, 10 hours of sleep (over 2 nights) i can finally keep it open and function.

wear safety glasses people


twalden said...

owww - that sounds awful - hope it clears up soon.

Anonymous said...

As Tonia said... Bring It!

G said...

Dude, that sounds like it really hurteded. Hope you're feeling much better now.

Mark Selan said...

it really did, but it seems to be clearing up.