Saturday, April 21, 2007

Snova - the ugly

The smackie bitch that fucking wacked me on the back of the head for no reason other than she was a smackie bitch.

Ok here's a rant

I've always been pretty tolerant with Supanova. Expensive tables, no problem I'll share. Guests who are rarely that exciting - i'll just have to work harder. Poor locations - luck of the draw. lack of comic programming - that's cool commercial realities and all. i understand that the con is meant to make a small group of people money, no one wants to lose money. When products were banned from sale, i shrugged my shoulders and thought "oh well, that's reality", when i had to spend ages trying to get any sense out of a volunteer on where my artist alley table was supposed to be i thought "oh well, you pay peanuts", when an organiser chastised a fellow creator for at least 10 minutes because of he needed to point out his intolerance and thereby hampering her making sales I thought "well his opinion is his perogative". When i had to listen to 2 hours of fire sirens because someone other than me fucked up and all i got was a bottle of coke as recompense even though i lost at least a dozen of sales i thought "shit happens". When moderators on the Suapnova forum chastised anonymous posters, i thought "that's ironic".
And I have to say that in the past Supanova has been supportive of the 24 hour challenge where 2 winners have taken up free artist alley tables. And I'm grateful that they chose to be part of it.
But, BUT, friends this last weekend was the last straw. Probably the first time that organisers actions have directly impacted my sales.
Selling Australian comics is hard, at the end of each day my voice is wrecked from talking. unlike most everything else at supanova, people need to be convinced to buy australian comics. especially when there are $30 pieces of plastic shaped like cartoon characters to be had or $600 lightsabers. I have about 4-6 different techniques i use to close sales, i'd like to think i'm a pretty good seller but its all talking.
So when they started fucking having people yell into microphones for minutes at a time, having to listen to endless iterations of "For the glory" and "more than meets the eye" and other slogans they interrupted my sales pitch. They lost me sales. And for what? Ambience? every one fucking winced and stared daggers at their closest loud speaker. Promotion of 300 and Transformers - well i'm glad i downloaded 300 and will do so for Transformers because i;'d rather not have my ticket money go to some moron marketing company who thought having people yell over a loud speaker is promotional. The whole exercise was for nothing, the only thing it achieved was to make it even harder for me to sell the work of really great creators. And there is one thing i hate is people that make my life harder, it royally pisses me off and in response i think they can go suck my fucking shit dry.

Photos of me=ugly


practicecactus said...

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when Danny announced on saturday morning he wouldn't be making any announcements and turned it over to a chick to take over..but through some devine intervention ,or not happy with the chick's "not annoying enough" mic technique, he regained his voice and they both made ear shatteringly obnoxious anouncements.
Not cool.

twalden said...

on't know if it was our position this time but the general overall noise level seemed louder this time - I know i couldn't hear what people were saying some of the time.

Mark Selan said...

Yeah, its triple hard for me since i'm partially deaf, have speech recognition disorder (verbal dyslexia) and the din of noise - i have no idea what anyone is saying - including you sixting 2 feet away

G said...

One of the main issue I had back in the ComicFest days was that they had that stupid "Hamahaya-whatheshit" shouting contest. And that was annoying as all hell! So not good to hear that the obnoxious announcements and shouting are back.

Maybe that Armageddon being on the same weekend for Sydney later this year might be more of a viable option after all.

Mark Selan said...

I have no idea why Danny does the announcements its not his forte, I'm sure he has enough to do.

Armeggedon is such an unknown entity - will they have lacklustre announcements too? They seemy cagey about Artist Alley as well - how much?