Thursday, April 19, 2007

Snova - The good

Last weekend was the Brisbane Supanova and i along with EvilDan, Jing, Washii and and the weirdly named Owen Heitmann travelled from Adelaide up to Brisbane. We were joined by Steve Martinez aka Stan Martino aka Practice Cactus aka the creepy guy with the camera.

This is what I enjoyed
Meeting up and relaxing with cool creators, esepcially the Howards, FingerBang Andy and Cool Hand Weber. Plus the very cool Will Kelly and Brett Weekes invigorating the brisbane scene (that's what people told me they were doing), Fitts and Team Azerath. Friday and Sunday were alot of fun, saturday night at RG was okay too.

$9 jugs of beer is always good.

$6.50 steaks that tasted awesome=good. Plus having a chinese duck dish that didn't suck=good. Chairman Mao taste in pork=good.

Watching EvilDan take photos of his genitals with Practice Cactus' misplaced camera=gold.

It's all pretty hazy but if anyone wants to add stories in the comments go for it, or even record a skype call to pulpfactory and we can use it for the next podcast. i have one involving one ex-girlfreinds and aliases.

Good books
Guh: Book 1 and Book 2 - i think this is the standard now for strip collection/art books. The best thing i've read all year.
Wrong - Jing's new book
but i am slightly burnt out on comics at the moment but i will revisit the books i bought later.

"Comics - is English for manga" (though my new phrase is "Comics - like manga but you read it backwards").

In the first annual publisher pinball deathmatch Sureshot Presents beat Phosphorescent Comics 7,800,000 to a combined score (both Ben and Karen's scores) of 2,800,000. you are in my sites Wolfgang! and i'm not forgetting you Cunning!

I'm not sure if its a good thing but at a set of traffic lights i had reason to say "that's the way we roll" (ironically said of course) and a pretty girl turned around and laughed 'with' me, it could have been 'at' me.

Being remembered by Alex Maleev, who i drank with 2 years ago.

Selling out of Matt Huynh's Cab and Daniel Reed's Crumpleton's Experiments.

My talking Napoleon Dynamite and Emma's new hand painted Girlie Pain's coin purse.

4 new sketches in my sketch book

having a whole row to myself on the flight back

having the chance to go back to Brisbane to do talks on Australian comics as part of some writers festival (unlikely tho)


practicecactus said...

You forgot the totally awesome comic I got ya.
I know you fapped to it.

Fitts said...

Friday and Sunday Nights were definitely the highlight of my weekend. $9 Jugs are great. So was the collective Radelaide. Perhaps if Supanova served $9 jugs it'd attract better crowds. Take "better" whichever way you want to.

Mark Selan said...

Practice - well at least you liked it. thank you for adding 'fap' to my vocabulary

Fitts - i was excited last year when i saw a bar in the con hall on preview night but equally saddend that it was closed on the weekend. However, if they did serve beer we'd have no chance of seeing Dan at the table, you know, selling his books.

LFW said...

HEY! YAH! I'm doing that talk at the writers festival, you should come back here and do it with me.

Friday night was the best goddam night I have ever had in my whole goddam life. Team radelaide rock.

cheers to you

your pal