Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Who's registered?

Aaron Adriatico
Adam Briggs
Adrian Ceroni
Anna Bailey
Anthony Pini
Arran McKenna
Atosha McCaw
Avi Bernshaw
Ben Hutchings
beta ngadiman
Caanan Grall
Chris Lassig
Christopher McLernon
Daniel Gibbs
Daniel Harris
Daniel John Bai
Darren Close
David G Williams
David Thomsen
Dominic Giacomantonio
Doug Holgate
Erin McGregor
Gareth Edwards
Gary Lau
Gary Wong
Gavin Thomson
glenn smith
Grant Buist
Grant Hunter
Grant T Heino
Henry PoPienia
Holly Shorland
Jacen David Carpenter
James Keller
Jason Kwan
Jeremy Conrad
Jo Kerkham
Komala Singh
Kristie Davis
Lee Hislop
Liam Jose-Baker
Loren Morris
Lucas House
Maarten Bouw
Madonna Spelta
Maggie McFee
Maria Pena
mark selan
Marty Wells
Matt McKenzie
Matthew Sutton
Merlin Missingham
Michael Li
Mike Hell-Delight
Miki Fang
Nathan Soehardi
Nathanael Jeanneret
Nicholas J French
Owen Heitmann
Patrick Alexander
Robert Forrest
ross tesoriero
Stephen Dann
Stephen James Bai
Steve Martinez
Tim Dawson
Tina Fazzalari
Tonia Walden
Tony Samson
Troy Kealley
Victoria Pennington
Wen Huang

By Location
VIC - 24%
NSW - 17%
SA - 13%
QLD - 12%
WA - 9%
ACT - 8%
NZ - 4%
USA - 3%


Tonia said...

Actually I'm in Melbourne during that weekend so I've just screwed up your statistics. And dammit the people I'm staying with were supposed to register too - they're sprung now!

Azzamckazza said...

Strike my name off that list. I signed up without realising the challenge was on the same weekend as my sister's 18th. If I said 'No I can't come to your festivities for I will be drawing comics for a day' she would have me hung drawn and quartered.

A bummer too because I was really excited about participating

The Frase said...

OK, I'm IN!
Doing it for TAS!

dillon said...

glenn smith ...and ross tesoriero! wow. the spirit of the mid 90's is alive and well.

Nate said...

My bladder is swollen from the excitement!

Mark Selan said...

Need Damian Shanahan, Tim McEwen and that bloke who did that da'n dill comic thingy.

I'm pleased as punch