Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Credits- The 24 Hour Challenge Website

A special thanks to all the people who have worked on the challenge

And thanks to Matt Huynh for the logo design, Avi Bernshaw for his sponsorship help and Mopy in New Zealand for his help.


Supanova – Australia’s most recognized pop culture convention, it attracts over 7000 people twice a year with events held in Brisbane and Sydney. Bringing many celebrities from overseas from many cult favourite shows and movies, this event gets bigger every year.

Jason Rand - As Sydney-sider who decided to give comic scripting a try in 2001, Jason did not see publication until 2004. However his first comic, SMALL GODS, came out through Image and was received extremely well by both readers and critics. The first trade was released in Februaryof 2005. While continuing with SMALL GODS, he's also writing the independent comic HELIOS and has a number of new projects on the horizon.

Pulp Fiction Comics – Adelaide’s newest Comic shop, it has an emphasis on the more sophisticated graphic literature reader, with a huge range of Graphic Novels from around the world, a comfy couch and coffees to go.

Gary Chaloner - Gary's latest work is as the artist and writer of WILL EISNER"S JOHN LAW from IDW. A prolific creator, he was one of the first creators in Australia to embrace online comics in the 90s. The publisher of the former local favourite Cyclone Quarterly, he is now
the organiser behind the Ledger Comic Awards. His latest comic Jackeroo is now available from Comixpress.

Phosphorescent Comics – Australian largest mainstream comics publisher for over 3 years, recently it has attracted a lot of international attention through its series The Watch. they have also recieved a lot of local attention with their Creatorline titles, AZERATH and ELRITCH KID .

Impact Comics - From the remnants of Canberra’s Impact Records, the nation's capital’s vibrant comic book scene now has Impact comics. A progressive and innovative comic store, Impact embraces local books and provides an open and inviting space for comic fans.

Stewart McKenny
- Stewart is one of Australia’s rising stars in the international scene. He has worked for major publishers both within Australia and overseas. His recent overseas credits include CAPTAIN AMERICA, which he worked on with Eddie Campbell, and STAR WARS TALES. Locally, Stewart’s work for major Australian publishers includes THE

Phase Two Comics - Australia’s leading online retailer, Phasetwo, was established 18 months ago and now offers over 100 different comic titles to the public. Specialising in Australian produced comics, they offer a wide range of titles and genres. PhaseTwo is well known for their fast service and great treatment of creators, it truly is a valuable distrubution and retail tool for fans and creators alike.

FilmInk - FilmInk Magazine was launched in July, 1997. It is an independent consumer movie magazine distributing 30,000 copies throughout Australia's newsagents, cinemas, video stores, record stores, and film related outlets. FilmInk Magazine is Australia's longest running movie magazine - dedicated to turning film knowing into film going.

Nicola Scott - Nicola worked as a freelance commercial artist but found herself scribbling in the margins. Her comic debut was in 2001 with work for Australian publisher, Phosphorescent Comics. Moving to New York City she received work from Dark Horse (STAR WARS: EMPIRE), Top Cow (PROXIMITY EFFECT), Powerful Press (NOCTURNAL ESSENCE), ATP (HALLOWEEN MAN) and a number of smaller, independent companies. Shortly she will have work published by Avatar, Ariel Press and Image.

Pulp Faction – Is Australia’s largest comics related message board catering to Australian comics and their creators. Run by the very enagmatic Maggie McFee, it features links to various resources and interviews with some of Australia's most talented creators.

Aussie comics - is a site designed to help comic creators the world over (but primarily in Australia) in their personal comic-making quests. Initially, this will be a small collection of resources (tutorials, links etc), growing to include easy (really easy) portfolio hosting and much more.

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