Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Casey and the case of the duelling Dougs

Whilst wandering in Borders i spied Casey Donovan's new biography and remembered that Doug Holgate was to do some illustrations for the project.

I had to spend a couple of minutes waiting for the cool kids to leave the new books shelf, i slinked on over and had a peek.

Flicking through the art looked like Doug's but reading the credits, its appears that Doug Halford did the art.
I say this Doug Halford is a scamp and a rogue of the highest order, stealing the cutesy wootesy stylings of Douglas Firmingfast Holgate as his own.

The nerve!


douglasbot said...

It's because i'm a plagiarist.

I saw it least it's not a cover credit. It's like my WORST fear!!

Emails have been sent. Casey is devestated.

Anonymous said...

It's because i'm a plagiarist.

Wordsworth isn't totally like Moore's Victorian scientist Tom Strong and robot sidekick Pneuman. There's Around the World in 80 Days in there as well.

Anonymous said...

If you have a problem or difference of opinion with Doug, just email him and get it off your chest please.

A better idea don't you think than constantly trying to bait public car crash pissing contests on someone elses blog?
We've seen enough in the local comics community to last a lifetime thanks very much.

The Frase said...

You're a fucking JOKE, Anonymous Hater.

Even though you're too piss weak to sign your name, all you are doing is embarressing yourself.

Personally I think it's funny to see Doug hand you your arse, but I'm sure everyone else is just over you.

I'm sure Mark dosen't appreciate you pissing so weakly all over his blog. And I know Doug is over you aswell.


Thats it!

You LOVE Doug, don't you? I mean, REALLY love him!

You want to have man-love with him!

Just go ahead and send him an email and ask him on a date!!

Aww..... How cute!

Mark Selan said...

I'm so hoping that Casey dedicates a song to Doug,

"i've lost it all,
it's what i feared,
I forgot Doug
and but not his beard"

-Power guitar solo-

I can hear it during bridal waltzes for the next 5 years.


I don't mind people having a bit of argy-bargy but signing a name would be nice. Use an alias if you want because I'm not sure if you are the same anonyhater from the newspaper brou-haha.

It's humourous that anonyhater calls Doug a plagarist and then mentions Moore, who has mined victorian and early pulp literature for his recent stuff (Tom strong, League, Tommorrow tales). Like what Doug has done.
Of course
"But Alan did it first!" Anonyhater may say.
Yes, yes he did. But you're a doodyhead, maybe not the first doodyhead but a doodyhead all the same.

Anonymous said...

Well, I hadn't actually got around to reading Dougs 24 hr comic yet, but this has just jogged my memory. Toodles!

Anonyhater POTater.

Anonymous said...

damn. Should have said flogged.

anonyhater POOtater