Friday, June 10, 2005

Door Prizes for the challenge

Based on the order people registered to the challenge, i've got a number of door prizes. To recieve the door prize the winners will have to do at least 8 pages over the weekend.

Somehow the first person to register , even before me, was Dominic Giacomantonio so he wins the full run of OzComics Magazine 1-6.

The lucky 24th entrant was Lee Hislop who wins a Brisbane Comic pack fetauring Sporadic 1-5, Jase Harper's 24 hour comic from last year, a selection of comics by Tonia Walden and Crab Allan by L. Frank Weber.

The 50th registrant was Matthew Sutton receieves some autographed photos care of Carissa from hub Productions

The 69th person, (69 being how many finished comics we had last year) is James Keller, he wins a subscription to Phosphorescent Comics' Azerath.

Lasy year we had 80 registrations in total, so the 81st is Jason Kwan who wins a selection of Australian Comics I've picked up in the last couple of years.

We are just short of 100 people, and i'll be announcing a couple more door prizes on saturday.

Congratulations on everyone for entering and good luck.

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