Tuesday, June 07, 2005

10 years, babe

Down on the farm in 1996

In wine country in 1999

In the club in 2002

Living it up in 2005

getting closer all the time



douglasbot said...

HOT!! Congrats guys. Does this mean you get to buy me something?!

The Frase said...


Well done guys!

Tonia said...

Yes, congrats to the two of you!

Ian T said...

Congratulations - great work!


Ian T.

Anonymous said...

And you're both so goshdanged cute!


Jase said...

Great going guys, living with a comic fan boy has got to be difficult ;)

Anonymous said...

It's been a great 10 years! Love you Mark, Em xxx

Mark Selan said...

awwww geez, Em not in front of the fellas!

Drex said...

Wow, that's beautiful, so there really is a soft and snuggly side to the corporate Terminator that we get to see during office hours...

Anonymous said...

Jeez, look at yer goddam HAIR man.

What a motley pair.

but congrats anyway dude, you are VERY lucky (please adopt me as your son, sniff).