Thursday, June 09, 2005

Graeme McDonald - Media Assassin

Spent the afternoon talking to JJJ, Loren Morris and i will be in the Arts Show on sunday night talking about comics and the challenge. i'm the drony one.

Of course there was the Age article, which has been posted around a bit. i always thought holgate was more of an Aquaman fan.

I was really surprised to hear that Ben Hutchings was on National ABC, i have no idea what he spoke about, but I'm sure he was good. i wasn't sure this was going ahead, the producer seemed keen, then i didn't hear from her. So rock on ABC.

And finally, melbourne ABC 744 will have me and Holgate live on air, 11:25am on sunday morning. Its actually Holgate's gig, but since he'll have been up for 24 hours plus, i'll be in the background just in case he starts talking about how his kitty inked the last three pages.

All this would not have been possible without Graeme McDonald who has probably worked harder than me on this event, dragging the media coverage to play with his teeth.

rock on and thanks


douglasbot said...

But...but my kittys DO ink my work. They're the REAL ledger winners here.

Mr Tang said...

Can we get mp3 recordings of the broadcasts?

Anonymous said...

I DARE you to go *COUGH* Craballan *COUGH*

but this sounds EXCELLENT! WAY TO GO! you're gonna be on the freakin radio dudes. What time is the arts show mark?