Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sureshot Presents - Round Up

A round up of what i've been talking about in regards to the genesis and plabnning of Sureshot Presents and the announcement of Sureshot Comics.

The start, some self introspection and a look at the local scene.
The Spark
The Limits
Why I hate most Australian Comics (a critical look at current publishing in Australia)

Making goals for Sureshot Presents
Importance of goals
Setting my goals
My goals

Money Matters
From a retailer's perspective
From a customer's perspective
From a creator's perspective

Print Run
The Printing
Design of the book

Qualifying quality
Reviewing the concept

New Venture
Sureshot Comics

Why Self Publish in the first place.


Liz said...

You're full of awesome btw

Mark Selan said...

That's better than being awful.

Douglas... said...

This was a really great series. What would make it even better is if you actually turned it into a comic (and talked about me more).

Mark Selan said...

thanks Doug, i had fun writing it all because I got talk about my two favourite subjects; me and comics.

I'll draw a comic starring you as you talk about Sureshot, i'll call it "Understanding Sureshot"