Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sureshot Presents - Sureshot Comics

One of the submissions I did receive for Sureshot Presents, was too long at 60 pages. For Sureshot Presents, that number of pages doesn't work; the printing and postage is too expensive meaning i have to work harder to loose less money.

But with the acceptance that the model wasn't working and an interest in still being involved with the local comic scene, i've come up with a new model.

Sureshot Comics.
Upon an accepted submission I'll buy 50 copies of a one-shot comic for $150.

Sureshot Comics is more of a co-production/co-publishing deal. If a propsal looks good, I'm happy to work on the editorial side of a project, readying it for printing, helping formulate marketing and in return for Sureshot badging and 50 copies of the finished book (and the right to sell them) I'll provide $100-$150 to go towards printing (colour cover, better printing), administration (postage, web ads) or just as a distribution deal (I'm buying 50 copies wholesale).

I still intend to keep Sureshot Presents as a avenue of publishing for creators. Both will run concurrently (depending on my workload and finances).

So if you are interested mark_selan@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

I'm still as interested as I ever was, only now I'm tied up with a couple of mini-series.

At some point I will pitch you some ideas.

Mark Selan said...

i'm still kicking myself that i rejected your other idea but gla you are still keen

Ive said...

Sounds like a great thing you're doing. I'm sure I'm not the only one who knows how to make comics but fails at selling them.
I have a few things kicking around and am very interested.

Mark Selan said...

Thanks Ive, kick'em my way if your keen.

And yeah selling is so much harder to do, but in my mind build the industry and eventually you won't have to do.