Friday, April 28, 2006

Supanova day 1 (or I’m sorry for cutting your lunch)

It started off slowly; actually there wasn’t much to it. I meet Jules Faber and partner and the Siberian group. I said hello to Ben Hutchings and Avi and nodded manfully at the Cult Fiction guys. I said hello to the very cool Ben and Karen Howard and was surprised to see Paul Abstruse away from the island he bought from the proceeds of herbal ectsacy.

It was a bit nerve racking being in the basement because there was a feeling that it was going to suck.

And it did suck for about 2 hours.

Then it went nuts for 2 hours. A heap got sold; including sellouts on Pretty Zombie and Angry Comic Shop Guy. What seemed to help was that the punters had to pass Artist Alley to Exit, go upstairs, have a smoke, eat. It provided plenty opportunities to yell “buy my comic you fucking nerd”. Weber did make an appearance behind the table but that lasted about 20 minutes when I told him off for chatting up girls at the table and blocking out customers. I saw Jase Harper for 30 seconds and then he disappeared never to be seen again, which is a shame. Andy ‘Fingerbang” Finlayson showed up, along with Daniel Gibbs – I believe they stalked cosplayers for photo opportunities for most of the day. I kept missing Daren White but did chat briefly with Stewart McKenny and Jason Rand. I got hugged by Rissa. It was kind of interesting to see that Geoff Johns and Phil Jimenez had a solid consistent line up all day. I sort of thought that since there is little interest in Australian comics, superhero comics can’t be that much better. Well apparently not.

I wandered on the upper con floor, flicking thru comic long boxes but nothing really interested me or was what I was looking. EXCEPT THOSE ISSUES OF UNTOLD TALES OF SPIDERMAN WHICH I JUST REMEMBERED I SAID I WOULD GO BACK TO – FAARRRRK. The stuff I’m looking for was overpriced (compared to ebay) like sub200 X-mens or just not available like Green Lantern: Mosiac, The Question and Baker’s the Shadow run.

Except for the massive rush in the middle of the day, Artist Alley was pretty quiet.

Organizing the social aspect of the night was a headfuck. Also for some reason people ask me like I know shit about shit; ask me about the movie Magnificent Seven, ask me about South Australian red wine, ask me about my theory concerning the evolution of monkeys but don’t ask me where we are going in a city I spend 3 drunk and dizzy days a year in. It makes us both look stupid. We ended up at the Jubilee. Weber was not pleased – I believed he wanted to go somewhere fancy where the glasses are clean and the dress code is a bit more explicit than the Jubilee’s “Don’t look like a faggot”. But it was fine. It was a lot of fun. I chatted with Daren White and Michael Evans before they scampered off to their loved ones. The rest of us though were fast and furious rascals, rebels who allowed no one to tie them down.

After I had finished a 15 minute phone call to Emma, I started drinking. I suggested food after eyeing off the various steaks and burgers being carried thru the crowd. The idea of dinner did not impress Andy FingerBang and Dan, since it would divert them from drinking and Weber told of an experience where he had a greasy BLT at a pub once and had sworn off eating at pubs FOREVER MORE.

Honestly I can’t remember much. I talked to people. I hugged a girl in the toilets. I tried to figure out what was a shitter beer xxxx or stella.

I know that at 9 o’clock there was a mass exodus from the Jubilee. As like its seems every year we then had trouble getting into various bars and clubs. Barsoma because of a football top, barwankalot because of sneakers and then the Zoo wanted $10 entry. We ended up at RGs outside in the mall which was cool. It all went well. A group of Hen nighters turned up and I chatted with them for awhile because I was almost comicced out. Weber stated that I was horning in his action. Weber’s action is any female within a 3m radius – I was the worst wingman ever.
“She’s getting married next weekend dude”
“She’s single this weekend”

He soon disappeared after that.

Rissa and Jason Rand turned up. As did the Cult Fiction guys. It was all good. I then noticed I hadn’t seen Weber for about an hour. Oh well, he’s probably chatting up ladies. 30 minutes later – still no Weber. Hmmm. It was now about 1:30 and I was quite tipsy. I was also now one of the last remaining people except for a comatose Daniel Gibbs and a very happy Hayden. I called Weber’s phone and it rang out. That’s a good sign, he’s out and can’t hear his phone. I tried again.
“hey man – where are you? I haven’t seen you for awhile”

“I’m at home”


I then apologized for waking him up - I was very drunk.

“dude, you can either pick me up or can you SMS your address because I have no idea where you live”
About 20 minutes later he picked me up, I spent the rest of the time doing the whole drunken apology thing. The next morning though it was incredibly funny. Weber blames bad pizza, I suspect he will now swear off eating pizza FOREVER MORE.

Hightlights – the pretty doe eyed girl representing the Red team, catching up with cool people, selling out stuff

Lowlights – wishing I had more of the comics that I sold out of, not going out dancing at Ric’s, kicking the coffee table and breaking a toe.

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