Thursday, April 06, 2006

shy deaf dies

right by the door of pulp fiction comics is the australian comics stand and last week i was intrigued by a polybagged mini comic. I asked to have a look fearing it was a texty ziney thingy. It wasn't, there was some mild female nudity of the full frontal kind, so i duly bought it.

the art is angular and harsh. on the flick thru it seemed to be a typical mini, a couple of stories with some rough sketches in the middle to fill it out. but for $4 it was worth a go.

and i'm glad i did; its about a deaf girl taken to a nightclub on a date and dumped. She passes out and has a sort of re-awakening. fuck, i can't do it justice but lets say i was impressed how it all tied together.

shy deaf dies - lindsey coleman
(the comic is better than the website)

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