Saturday, April 08, 2006

grates - gravity won't get you high

track 1 - annoying, luckily short
track 2 - my favourite song, nice and early makes me forget track 1
track 3 - bouncy bouncy happy happy
track 4 - slow and sweet
track 5 - rock out with your cock
track 6 - the song from the jeans west ad, a year after their touch/pain ep, i'd hope there would be more original tunes. However, the old songs (feels like half of them) have been rerecorded. Still very cool song.
track 7 - probably will be their next single
track 8 - grrrr patience grrr
track 9 - makes me wanna waltz, i don't know how that makes me feel
track 10 - its about muthafuckers dancing, i was born to dance
track 11 - another rehash from the EP but with added banjos
track 12 - i dunno, really, i dunno
track 13 - a really nicely produced track
track 14 - a dreamy rock song farewells the album, a nice contrast to the otherwise boppy rock.

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Ian T. said...

The Grates! Grate local band! Thanks for the review and the reminder - I'm going to add both the new album and their EP covers to my next run of "Animal album covers" (a happening phenomenom right now).