Friday, April 14, 2006

I don't live in the basement, I just sell comics there

This time next week, in Brisbane the following people will be in Artist Alley

40% less comics
No idea.

Boss Beat
Something related to a film and possibly a old school superhero, its hard to tell.

Brisbane Anime Society
They hold screenings of anime movie twice a month

Cult Fiction Comics Australia
Regulars to Supanova, these guy do comics on cd. Their website seems to be down.

EDGE Comix
I think these guys do Groovy Gravy, an alternative anthology.

Geeen Comix
Ben Hutchings is incredibly funny and he produces incredibly funny comics. You stink and I don't and it doesn't take a hero are my favourites. he has a new book, Pumpkin Brothers which I'm hoping is like some of the early stuff from You stink...

Invisible Spiders
No idea

Jules Faber
This is the blurb from Golgatha, Faber's painted comic.
"Golgotha is a prison, orbiting a dying sun, long abandoned but still home to prisoners who find they cannot die. Now, after long millennia, change is coming."
That sounds interesting doesn't it?

Lisa & Wayne Wilshere-Cumming
I swear, the name Wayne Cumming sounds familiar, but I'm not sure, so in essence - I have no idea.

Moo Tastic

Novus Order
See - Moo Tastic

Manga publishers in Australia, they produce 200+ page magazine that feature some great work; Li, Wen and Ian T. They may also be offering 9V and First Time I fetched water - these are GOOD.

These guy do good stuff, the Phatsville anthology, Golden Plops, Fat Ankle, Plump Oyster, all great alternative comics.

Pulp Faction
Maggie McFee has kindly let Tonia Walden and myself use the Pulp Faction banner to sell stuff (because me and Tonia couldn't think of a name). I'll be selling Sureshot Present, Ozcomics Magazine and some Adelaide books. Tonia will be selling Pirates, My Office is Hell, Eat Comics. L. Frank Weber may drop by to scowl at people.

Rowan Cassidy
Beautiful looking stuff, I'm really keen on checking it out. Plus he worked on Hero and House of Flying Daggers and that's kind of cool.

Shifting Time
A webcomic, its space parody, not badly done.

Siberian Productions
Home of Billy: Demon Slayer and Full Moon.

Storm Publishing
These guys have been around for awhile, they fly under my radar but I always get a shock when i look at their catalogue and see they've produced something like 50 comics.

Wellbound Productions
They produced Haven, which has fantastic art, I'm hoping they've produced a second issue.

Will Kelly
It could be this guy, I dunno. I hope it is because it'll be great watching him draw Goku sketches.

Yum Yum Comics
These guys produce a lot of stuff with names like BossaNova Baby, While My Guitarist Gently Makes Out With My Girlfriend! and Creamy Beaver. I'm really keen of buying their stuff because a) i missed out last time and b) i can never go past something called Creamy Beaver.

And Phosphorescent Comics will have a stall above us (which was the reverse to last year). Check out the Witch King graphic Novel for the beautiful production and art. Eldritch Kid and Azerath also deserve a flick thru.

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Anonymous said...

Kindly? I'm tickled pink you guys wanted to. :)
I sent some 'Something Weird' posters to Tonia. Hopefully they'll get there on time. :) Kiss Weber for me. And Tonia too.