Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Monsters and pirates and book deals

Slowly, slowly
-another report of an australian comic creator/illustrator signing deals to do graphic novels.

Even though he's Adelaide based i don't think i've come across him, but his portfolio is very good.
And its extraordinary that he's been working on it for 13 years; he started when Batman was having his back broken and Image was being formed. Think about that.


practicecactus said...

I hear what you're saying. You're saying we can't trust the fucker.
He's one to keep an eye on, cause he's clearly up to something.
Thanks for the heads up.
Operation "eagle eye" starts......now!

Owen Heitmann said...

Yeah, but "has spent 13 years developing his world" doesn't mean he's actually been working on it for 13 years, it's code for, "I had this idea 13 years ago and kept thinking about it in my lunch break for the next decade until I actually started work on it much more recently".