Thursday, October 27, 2005

Stupid people review good movies

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Great Escapeby A viewer

This movie is so bad, I have no words for it. It has plenty of character actors. yet not one shred of realism.The German war camp is seen as so relaxed, it does not even make sense that anyone would try to escape from it. The reality of WW2 is, many POWs fared far better than those who were not captured. Many US troops were killed in combat during incredibly risky, almost suicidal missions, while the top brass like Eisenhower stayed back in England and had sexual affairs. I have a feeling he would have been disappointed and mislead by the Dirty Dozen.

In this movie, those that do escape from it are given extremely lenient punishment--something that never would have happened in reality--if you were caught escaping from a german POW camp, you were shot on the spot--no hang dog look, give me my baseball glove and take me to solitary garbage!
Apparently killing 50 escapees wasn't enough.

Doctor Zhivago
- by Jamie

I am writing this review for my film appreciation class at Lowry High School in Winnemucca Nevada.
Doctor Zhivago was a very long an boring movie (3 hours-17 minutes)! I just kept on going without having any exciting parts to it. At times it was hard to understand what was going on. I don't even know what the point of it was.
The only good part about this movie was some of the scenery. The snow, trees and mountains looked pretty good. The photography was exceptional The movie needs to have a better plot to it.
The only part i really understood about the movie was that Lara (Julie Christie) was Doctor Zhivago's(Omar Sharif) mistress.
I wouldn't recommend watching this movie. Rent or buy some other movie instead.
Thanks Jamie for giving me a choice. And you score a F.

Fight Club by ldren30907

Those that like it aren't worth talking to. I do ask Fight Club fans a question - have they ever had the crap beaten out of them? I mean REALLY had the crap beaten out of them. The film's premise might seem a lot less valid if one has been in such a situation. This move is for dumb little boys (and sadly, some dumb little girls) who haven't had a hard enough life. To give credit where it's due, Ed Norton's performance was wonderful.
Explains why i don't like Star Wars, I've never been at war in the stars. but alec guiness is awesome


Rosa Benito said...
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Kaufman said...

Hey man, what's with these comments? Weird as weird gets. I recommend switching the 'password verification' on.

Anyway, I enjoyed your parting comment for the Fight Club review. I can't help but think about Kevin Smith's movie Dogma and the bed-wetting pee-wees portrayed in it who reviewed movies.

Yeah, Fight Club is shit cause it doesn't deal realistically with having the crap beaten out of you, which is what Hollywood movies usually do (!). I'm sure that's how Fincher pitched it to the executive producers but they said something along the lines of "Get the fuck out of our office or we'll beat you to a pulp," which gave him the idea for what we now know as the finished product. How good is the office scene?

BTW, have you checked out the director's cut DVD [maybe not the correct title]? There's a narrative by the actors which is awesome for additional info of what went on during filming.

Mark Selan said...

I let the spam through because i need the love.
(but i only found about the verification thing today)

I own the special edition dvd, but haven't listened to the commentaries.

The whole movie rocks.