Thursday, October 13, 2005

Alas poor, i knew him well

Apparently has disappeared, i'm not sure if it is forever or temporarily.
It also means if people go looking for the 24 hour challenge site, they won't be able to find it.


Mike Hell said...

He just seemed to disappear didn't he? Hopefully just the new(ish) job and nothing more sinister.

Tonia said...

Did anyone keep a copy of the site - maybe someone else can host it?

Mark Selan said...

Mike - yeah simon has had computer problems and i think there has been a shift in focus for aussiecomics between the two principal players.

Tonia - I'm pretty i have backup of the site; or 99% of it, so i'll see what's happening with aussiecomics or otherwise find someone else willing to host it

Mike Hell said...

Could you send me an email to - I am talking to my team about hosting the site. I'd need traffic, bandwidth, disk space etc stats. The only proviso is that we wouldn't host the 'adult' comics, but we also wouldn't censor them or prevent them from being seen.