Friday, October 14, 2005

satorial sageness for supanova (and beyond)

Overcoats and trenchcoats
You do not and never will look like Neo. However you will look like Neil, the guy who lives down the road who is not allowed within 100 metres of children.

There is no need for any guy to wear an overcoat in Australia - EVER. Unless they want to look like a complete and utter tool and the object of ridicule.

Fullbleed shirts


No. Seriously. No.

Open shirts
Refering to the first photo. The whole 'open shirt over a tshirt' is dead, it died with Kurt, it was messy but it couldn't end any other way. If you want to showoff your favourite tshirt but are afraid of being cold, come join us in the 21st century, wear the tshirt over the shirt, its wacky but works.
Most guys do this to cover up their portliness but it makes it worse. They end up looking like they are wearing a muumuu. Baggy clothes mess people's silhouette up, making them look bigger. So go figure hugging fatboy.

Hints and tips

  • Regarding Cargo pants; light coloured no- No. Dark coloured maybe but ask yourself have you ever put anything in those pockets?
  • You are allowed to wear shorts before sunset, but after the sun goes down go home and put on some grown up clothes.
  • Do not wear plastic rimmed sunglasses inside, especially sports sunglasses (oakley, arnettes, nike, etc)
  • If your jeans are skyblue or lighter, you must have borrowed them from your sister in 1989, give them back

And its because I care.


Tony said...
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