Friday, October 21, 2005

can you google me?

This blog is connected to Sitemeter, that tells me all sorts of information like referrers; how are people finding my site.

Now since i mention a lot of Australian creators, whenever someone googles a creator i sometimes get a hit and enrty in my referrers list. I doubt that this is comprehensive, no where near - but its interesting all the same.
In the past couple of weeks these Australian Creators have been googled (in no order)

  • Owen Heitmann
  • Troy Kealley
  • Doug Holgate
  • Jules Faber
  • Alex Major
  • Erin M
  • Gary Chaloner
  • Komala S
  • Darren Close
  • Mandy O
  • Rowan Cassidy
  • Ben Hutchings
  • David Blumenstien
  • Matt Bayliss

You are being stalked.


Topsites Directory said...
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Mike Hell said...

Was there extra activity leading up to, and after, Supanova?

Mark Selan said...

Honestly, i can't recall. I don't think so.