Thursday, October 20, 2005

Jumping on the Chan Wagon

Embarrassingly, Queeni Chan is a new name to me in the whole realm of Australian Comics. I had heard of her but in my mind i classed as a deviart fan artist (nothing wrong with that - i get my kicks out of sequentials so pin ups don't impress me - please don't hate me).

However, her name came up again recently when there was a rather interesting discussion at Warren Ellis' Engine messageboard, concerning the fairness of the ToykoPop contracts. i hadn't realised/heard she had a book deal with Tpop. So some googling later
some very nice work, indeed. Lots of juicy sequentials.

I could say, one to watch but I think I'm late to the party, people have been watching her for ages.
So, come December pick up her ToykoPop book, The Dreaming.

On a related note; I'm surprised to see Generations 2004 and 2005 at PhasetwoComics, i thought they were small print run comics that got sold out. Not that i'm complaining i've already ordered them.

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