Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Mr and Mrs not so Shit

Other's may disagree but i didn't think it was too bad.

I don't mind mindless action films as long as they aren't trying to 'tell me something' in some ham fisted way. So Van Damme breaking heads, Jackie Chan protecting the girl is fine by me. Steven Seagal protecting the environment can fuck the fuck off.

Also me and emma have pretty much all of Pitt's films at home. He's an incredibly charasmatic actor and while he overacted in The Mexican and underacted in Seven Years in Tibet, he usually does a really good job. and this will make me sound even gayer but Jolie doesn't do much for me, yes she is aesthetically pleasing to the eye but i don' go gaga at the very thought of her.

The problem when you have 2 big sexy stars is the whole thing becomes a marquee film, its not about the story or the charcters its about these two sexy people in the same film (see The Mexican, see the Specialist). Consequently, they have to have sex and live happily ever after. Which is good for a romantic comedy, it sucks when its about to assasins trying to kill each other.

What had my interest before i saw the movie was the idea of assassin husband and wife working against each other. The scene at the dinner table is one of the more interesting in the film, its kind of tense but very funny. I was also interested when i learnt that the director was inspired by Hong Kong movie gunplay (see John Woo and Tsui Hark). But i've never seen what Woo did in The Killer matched in Hollywood (not even by woo sadly - though i, robot got close). Hollywood is obsessed with size, so its bigger explosions and gorier exits wounds. Its not the ballet of Chow Yun fat pointing his 45 and killing people like he was weilding the handgun of god. In Mr and mrs Smith the gun play was dull and mechanical.

On whole the movie is disappointing in that there was so much potential but it got wasted by being cute for the sake of it. That said its still better than watching segal saving King Emporer penguins from randy norwegians.

A dvd film at the least.

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