Monday, July 04, 2005

24; 7am-8am

I received a preview dvd of the new 24 series and had a watch. Its not bad.
i'm a fan of the series. I thought last year's conclusion, with Jack breaking down, was a great glimpse at a fully rounded 'action' hero.

This season starts off alright; it already has heavy doses of coincidence but that's what suspension of disbelief is for. I'm going to be keeping an eye on my theory that women in this series either end up dead or betraying Jack. It starts off slow but picks up pace in the last 15 minutes were Jack reveals his true colours as a fascist, but not an ordinary fascist, but a fascist for good (kind of like Warren Ellis's Authority).

The show is full of actors that elicit "where is she from?" or "what was he in again?" but in the end they'll probably end up dead so it doesn't matter.

So far so good, for me 24 is like Survivor or Amazing Race, every year its pretty much the same but with some many twists and turns i can't help but watch it. i never grew bored with it like I have done with Lost or Desperate Housewives (i live with girl so gimme a break).

The whole preview a series on a freebie dvd is pretty cool, I think they did it in the States with a couple of series (24 and House) distributed by newspaper. 24 was bundled in with Independent Review (an adelaide weekly paper who i don't think is owned by either fairax or murdoch). Getting a full episode is pretty cool (although its only half the season premiere), while Emma got Grey's Anatomy on Dvd but it was only 3 minutes long which is a lame (but makes a cool coffee caoster).

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